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DEK Financial Solutions will help to clarify your financial goals and then develop a plan to achieve them. At the outset of the engagement, we provide a Client Service Agreement which clearly identifies the range of fees and scope of services. Fees are quoted on an hourly or project basis and are calculated based on the time required to analyze your current situation, prepare recommendations and meet with you. Once your engagement is complete, you determine how much assistance will be required with implementation and monitoring. As part of each engagement, we are available to answer questions related to your plan.

Our current hourly rate is $250 and most projects range in cost between $3000 and $6000.

Areas of Specialization

Retirement Planning 

At DEK Financial Solutions, we understand the concerns that people face as they prepare for retirement.  Through our systematic process, we develop a customized roadmap that will provide the confidence needed to navigate the many decisions.  Through a process of in-depth goal setting, we determine your current level of preparedness and provide guidance around saving rates before retirement and sustainable withdrawals after.  For those entering retirement, we provide guidance around creating a retirement paycheck and distribution strategy, starting Social Security and allocating your investments.  We also help you understand how taxes will impact your plan.  Ultimately, we assess the probability of a successful retirement and develop options to bridge any gaps.  If you are nearing or entering retirement, you can rely on us for expert guidance.

Investment Planning

With over 20 years of experience as a portfolio manager, we will help reduce confusion and design a strategy that will achieve your goals. We will clarify your goals and recommend investment strategies that are consistent with your time horizon, risk tolerance and tax situation. We will make suggestions to reduce expenses and complexity while considering tax implications.  Our compensation does not change based on product type, so we have no incentive to offer one over another.  We are committed to offering only those products and strategies that are best for your situation.  We are comfortable working with accounts of all sizes and complexities.

Wealth Management

For those seeking a more comprehensive on-going relationship, our Wealth Management Service includes both financial planning and investment management. In addition to establishing priorities and developing a financial road-map, we work with you to complete the needed tasks and provide updates as your situation evolves. Additionally, we provide ongoing investment supervision, trading and quarterly reporting. The cost of this service is an annual percentage fee charged quarterly based on the size of the total managed portfolio.