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Welcome to DEK Financial Solutions

Daniel King is a Phoenix, Arizona, independent fee-only financial planner.  DEK Financial Solutions  provides comprehensive financial planning with specialties in retirement planning and investment planning.  Our typical retirement planning client is within 5 to 10 years of retirement looking for validation to see if they are on track.  We also assist clients who are entering retirement with  specific drawdown, allocation and claiming strategies.  Our usual investment planning client has multiple accounts, complex tax situations and varied investment strategies.  Because the two areas are closely related, we commonly help clients  in both areas.  

                                  Daniel King, CFP®

With over 20 years of experience in the Financial Services industry, Dan has the knowledge and experience needed to navigate today's complex financial environment. After making a career change in 1999, Dan served clients for over twelve years as a Portfolio Consultant in the Charles Schwab Private Client program. In that role, Dan acted as the primary contact for a set group of clients and assisted with the design, implementation and ongoing monitoring of their investment strategies. During his time at Schwab, Dan was responsible for servicing some of the firm's largest and most complex individual and family relationships totaling approximately $400 million in assets under management. 

In 2014, Dan expanded his knowledge and experience when he joined Watermark Asset Management, a small advisory and planning firm in the San Francisco Bay area. In his role as portfolio manager and adviser, he helped streamline the trading operations as well as assist clients and coworkers with investment and planning needs. He remained until launching DEK Financial in 2018. 

Dan resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Christine, son Dylan and two dogs. When not working, Dan can usually be found outdoors hiking or biking, playing trumpet in the local community band or cheering his son on at his football games.