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Welcome to DEK Financial Solutions

Daniel King is a Phoenix, Arizona, fee-only financial planner.  DEK Financial Solutions provides comprehensive  retirement and investment planning.  Retirement needs, desires and circumstances are unique to each of us. Our planning services will evaluate your situation and develop a custom strategy that will help make your dreams a reality. 

The DEK Financial Solutions Advantage

We strive to provide objective and practical advice at a reasonable cost.  We charge by the project (based on an hourly rate), so you pay only for the help that you need.  We impose no asset requirements for our planning projects.  With over 20 years of direct client experience, no investment minimums and straight forward pricing, we offer a refreshing option in a confusing marketplace.

Specialties: Retirement and Investment Planning

Current Hourly Rate: $250/hour

Overall Cost: Most projects range in price from $3000 to $6000

I invite you to schedule an Introduction Call to find out if we are a good match.